Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Are we next???

Our adoption agency has said that China is matching families with babies. Which is a good thing. The people responsible (in China) for matching families with babies, sit down once a month and make matches. Depending upon how many babies are "paper ready" depends on how many families will be "matched". "Paper ready" means a person who has all their papers filed. Just like we had to get all our papers ready and filed, so do the babies. This is what China has claimed is what is causing the delay.......the don't have enough paper ready babies to accomodate all the families. SOOOOOOOO back to the question, are we next? China is starting with families who were "logged in" April 1st and working their way through the month till they run out of "paper ready" babies. Our log in date was April 19th. My guess is NO...we are not next. But as a firm believer in "Murhpy's Law"...we will be next. After all we are in the middle of packing boxes, selling a house and moving....perfect time for a match!

We'll keep you posted.


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