Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nesting and going postal

My favorite part of waiting for a baby......nesting! Yes, I am a dork and like to fidgit (whatever that is) around with all the cute clothes. I enjoy folding all her blankies and get things "ready". Here is picture of what I pulled out of Jessica's old clothes. And to think Emma already has tons of clothes in her closet already.....poor child, so deprived.

On to the care package I sent. I went to the post office with a sick two year old in tote...not an easy task. I had all the contents of my care package to send to Emma. Stupid me assumed that I could easily buy a little box for my items at the post office. Well......the woman behind the counter was literally "stuffing" everything into an envelope! I was about to die! I didn't even need to say anything, I think the look upon my face was good enough. She threw the envelope back at me and said to come back with a box. The next day I returned with my little box in tow....oh ya and the sick 2 year old. And let me tell you..thanks to the 2 cent increase of stamps...the post office was packed! Sure enough I was helped by the same disgruntled employee. The post office had only been open for 5 minutes before she helped me and of course her day had already been ruined by the screaming kid who was in front of us. As she got the package ready she made a comment about how good Jessica was being. Little did this woman know that it was only because Jessica is sick and that the lack of oxygen getting to her brain was keeping her quite. So off I went out of the post office and off Emma's package went, hopefully to find her in China. Below is a picture of what we sent. A photo album of us (let's hope it doesn't scare her), a small toy and blanket and of course a camera to take pictures. Also a small note in Chinese telling them that we appreciate them giving this to Emma.


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