Thursday, February 16, 2006

First full day

We've almost had our first full day here. We sent out today to shop shop shop.....didn't happen so much. We were both so overwhelmed with everything we we're experiencing and seeing. The loud noices, constant construction, smog, smells and everything...if there wasn't soo much exhaust coming from the cars on the streets...we probably would have just stood there with our mouths open. We walked along the shore and looked across the harbour at dowtown Hong Kong. Today was really humid and hazy. Then we walked up Nathan street to shop. Things aren't as cheap as we were hoping. Maybe we just haven't found the right places. We did find our way on to some back alley streets...whoa there were some serious smells!! We walked through Kowloon Park and saw many people doing their exercises. There were people singing and dancing around. We sat and took in the sights. One thing we didn't expect to see where the HUGE apartment buildings. We both knew that people live in apartment buildings but they're huge. Walking down the crowded streets you can look up at an apartment buildings and there's everyone's laundry hanging out over the street. Not too sure that the clothes smell too great after soaking up car smog..but hey. We spent a little time in a local bar and took a small break. Then around 2pm we had Afternoon Tea at the Penninsula hotel. Needless to say were both feeling tired and wanted to lay down but not fall alseep. So we went for a massage. There are two massage places not associated with our hotel but under it. The first place only tended to men and was $200 US dollars for a massage. Not the type of massage we were looking for. We both ended up at the other massage place. It's about 6pm and we're looking for something to do. I think we'll go out to eat...possibly the Thai place that Kim H. has recommended to us. Then later tonight we are going to the Temple Street Market.
Kowloon park

Building downtown Kowloon

One of the many HUGE appartment buildings

Chinese New Year decorations in Kowloon Park


At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Wendi Meyer said...

Wow...the pictures even look overwhelming! The apartment buildings, who new? Well, probably a lot of poeple, but I was not one of them. What an incredible journey...I can't wait to see the outcome, cute little Emma! Take care of be safe.



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