Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New information on Emma

We received more information on Emma yesterday in the mail. Emma was found on May 13th at the gate of the Huaxia Computer Center. Determined by the condition of her umbilical cord, Emma was born on May 11th 2005. Xia Ying is the name of the person who found Emma and took her to the orphanage to be cared for. Later the orphanage contacted her foster family and she was placed in their family. Emma is said to be an average eater and sleeper. She sleeps in a bamboo crib and sucks on her finger while trying to fall asleep. As of November 1st, she still had no teeth, is responsive to her name and is afraid of strangers. She is said to be gentle and quiet. Hopefully before we travel we will receive more information and updated photos.


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