Monday, January 23, 2006

I am hemoraging

from the wallet! Why is it that my shopping list doesn't seem to be getting that much smaller yet I've been out to get "things" 3 times now? Diapers, baby food, voltage adapters, money belts, TSA approved luggage locks....blah blah blah. Todays bank account damage came from buying "predents' (as Jess likes to say) for Jessica. Actually they're bribes. Bribes that grandma and grandpa can use right before they give into the idea that plunging off the roof is a good idea. I know what you're thinking and "no" Jessica isn't that bad. But then again mommy and daddy haven't ever left for half a month to fly to China and get a baby sister.
While I'm out spending the kids college fund, we're also waiting for our TN. Translation...TN is our travel notice from China that welcomes us to come and get Emma. After we get our TN, our agency will then ask the US Consulate in China to make our exit appointment. THEN, after we have the Consulate appointment we can make travel plans. If the stars align just right, we may see the TN show up this week.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Wayne, Nona, and Tallon said...

I was just reading this and thought I'd let you know - take the locks back! We were not allowed to have them on our luggage and we bought the same ones you did!


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