Friday, February 24, 2006

Last day in Nanchang

Last day in Nanchang
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Today seemed to fly by and I'm not too sure what we did. Actually we received Emma's passport, with the cutest picture of her in it. Then we came home and she took a nap. After that it was a group venture to the Open Market. The open market was a big let down. People kept saying how awesome it would be. We found a couple of outfits and some shoes. I had heard that there would be great head bands and bows,the same ones they sell at Nordstrom for about 2 bucks....a 4 story market and not one blasted head band. Oh well. We really didn't take too many pictures and only a quick clip of video. Then we went out for a group dinner. Emma has made huge strides today. She will allow be to hang out with her, cuddle her and even give me an open mouth full of drool slobbery kiss! And last but not least, she finally giggled. We were getting her ready for bed and tried to make her laugh (as we have every day) and finally....giggles and laughs! She and I especially have had a wonderful day. Then it

was time for night night. Phil usually puts her to sleep as he did tonight. After laying her down he went to the store for stuff. Well she flipped out. I tried to console her with a bottle and the nanosecond that she saw it was me who was trying to console her...she lost it. Poor thing was screaming for her foster mom. After a few minutes of trying to make her feel better I gave up. I brought her out and sat her on the couch and gave her some toys. Phil came home from the store and put her back to sleep. Oh well. Jessica will go to sleep MUCH better for Phil than for me any night.....therefore it's his job to put her to bed. So, as long as he's putting down pink piggy he can put down emma bear. Tonight was the task of stuffing 100 lbs of stuff plus souviners into our bags. I had donated all the snowsuits we brought plus almost all the clothes I brought (almost none fit Emma) to the orphanage, therefore we had a little bit more room. We really have liked Nanchang but are ready to

head to somewhere else. We are headed to Guangzhou where ALL adoptive families must end their trips as that's where the US Consulate is. Needless to say the White Swan hotel, where we will be staying, will be cram packed with adoptive parents and their cute babies. Sorry folks,no video today...we really didn't see much. We'll be home in one week.


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Mary said...

Congratulations! Emma is beautiful. I can only imagine how we will feel when we pick up our daughter! I have to find out from you how you are uploading your videos! I want to be able to do that.


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