Monday, February 20, 2006

Quick Hello

Emma is taking a nap and we are getting ready for WalMart. Emma was visited by a doctor contracted with our agency. She's healthy and happy. Most of the babies in our group are healthy. Only one was real sick the first night and is doing good now. Most of the babies have attached to the dad's first. It's funny to see everyone at breakfast. All the mom's running around while the dad's sit at the tables with toothpicks in their eyes. I went down to breakfast and told everyone I had slept too much and actually felt worse. I said that we had a great night with Emma and that she only woke up 2 times. Everyone informed me that Phil was saying just the opposite and that we had an awful night. I went back to the breakfast table and asked why he thought we had an awful night if she only woke up 2 times. He informed me that Emma was up every hour or so for a few minutes. I had slept through most of this and had no idea. He looked at me and said " I didn't sleep for more than an hour straight". Oh well, now he knows what it was like for me when Jessica was born. Tonight I'll put the crib on my side of the bed and see if I can help him out. We had someone who speaks Chinese in our group look at the letter we found in her diaper. Pretty much it said what she likes to eat and that they loved her as their own. We're meeting our group tonight at 5:30 and going out to eat as one big group. We will post again after our trip to Walmart and dinner. I'll post pictures then too. I think Phil will also post some video....he loves doing that. THANK YOU everyone for your emails....we love getting them. Sorry that we don't have time to respond to all of them. For those of you who have already done this trip you totally understand and for those about to travel you will. Emma is about a size 9-12 month in the states. Her 6-9 month sleepers fit her long ways but her stinking feet are too big for the feet part. We bought her some seperates and then put socks on her feet. She continues to be a great baby!


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