Saturday, February 25, 2006

From Nanchang to Guangzhou

From Nanchang to Guangzhou
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Another tiring day. We got up and flew from Nanchang to Guangzhou. The worst part of the day was saying goodbye to our CCAI reps. I blubbered like a baby. If it wasn't for these people we would still be sitting in the airport drooling on ourselves in a corner. The reps went so far out of their ways to do absolutely everything. They would literally stop traffic for us. If they overhead us complaining about how hard the beds problem they would order up extra comforters for us to sleep on. Someone didn't think their soda was cold problem they founded the coldest soda in the restaurant. It was just nonstop services and they were so nice. By the time we checked in to the White Swan Hotel it was after wonder we were so tired and hungry. We order from Danny's Bagels and had them delivery dinner. After 5 minutes in our hotel room, we knew it wasn't going to work. Each floor has an attendant that stand right by the elevators. Our room was next to the

elevator, so on top of hearing everyone and their mother go by, we kept hearing the attendants phone ringing. So we upgraded to a suite...much better. We sorta have a view of the Pearl River. We are sooo happy to be here. If we weren't coming to a place that is so tourist friendly, I would say we are ready to come home now. We both miss the comforts of home and can't wait for Jessica and Emma to meet. Emma is a dream child. Today while walking through the airport with no sleep, hungry and sitting in a dirty diaper she was grinning ear to ear and flapping her hands everywhere. I really hope this personality continues even when it's just us and we're at home. Not much to report today and we didn't take video. Promise there will be plenty more photos and video tomorrow. Just from what we can see from the hotel there will be plenty of things to take pictures of. Hang in there grandma and grandpa...less than a week left.


At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's a sweet pea! So glad things are going well for you guys!


At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things at the Nance home went down hill fast last night. The water heater stop working and Jessica had and nasty accident in her pants. Grandma and Grandpa are being put to the test. No hot water to clean Jessica up or to take a shower after a long day. The fearless Hero (AKA Greg) went over late to try and get the water heater working again. If he had the part he could have fixed it, but being late at night there was only one choice. Call the last honest plumber in Temecula. Of course the plumber was not home, but he did show up first thing in the morning. The water is now hot and all is right in the Nance home. You owe me a beer and your parents for life.
Can't wait to see the beautiful girl when you get home.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Kim M. said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. It gives me hope.


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