Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm not really here..............

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


It's time to step. away. from. the. blog for a few. Most families makes major decisions regarding family, employment or finances about every 2-5 years (just guessing here)...well at the Nance Nuthouse these types of major decisions happen, oh every 10-12 months at the most. I need to take time to spend with Mr. Nance as we are in the process (again) of making major decisions regarding major "things" with our family. Oh, I wish it were as easy as, "do these shoes match this outfit"....but it's a bit bigger than that. And to be honest, I just haven't felt "it" lately and haven't had anything worth writting. No worries my pets, I'll be back and will fill you in on what has been happening and will provide a few pictures to document. Everyone take care, I'll see ya soon.
and just so no panties get in a wad, we are NOT moving......anywhere!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh no more Princess

Birthday Princess Jessica

The day started off great. Thankfully we had perfect weather. After all the children showed up, so did Snow White.

One of my favorite parts of the days was when Snow White showed up and Jessica said she wanted to see Cinderella. We had a feeling no matter which princess showed up, she would ask for a different princess. Snow White was great, she face painted and hung out with the kids giving the parents time to talk.

Then it was pinata time. I decided to buy a pinata online from the Oriental Trading company. I wanted a dragon so that we could "slay the dragon". The Oriental Trading Company must make their pinatas out of concrete.

Not only did we break the pinata stick, (where half of it flew into the crowd of kids and about poked an eye out) then it broke a golf club! Finally Mr. Nance took it upon on himself to rip apart the pinata with his hands. Ridiculous!

As the children scooped up their candy you could hear the parents saying;
Atomic Fireballs?
Jaw breakers?

Oops, when I bought pinata candy I didn't think to really look at what I was buying. I guess buying choking hazards for a group of 3 year olds was not the best idea.

The parents stayed amd goofed around with the kids. This is "the trio" Jess, Chloe and Sienna.

It was a great party but tons of work. Next year a family trip to the beach might have to suffice.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Please pray for us.....

Monday afternoon while picking Jessica up from school, I had mentioned to her teacher that out off 22 invitations for Jessica's Princess party, only 1 boy was coming(and this doesn't included other invites for friends not at her school). I explained to her it would be kinda hard to truely enjoy a princess party with most of the attendee's being boys and that I would have to request them to wear tiaras and act like princesses; something I'm sure would make all the father's 'oh so proud'. The teacher said that most of the kid's don't RSVP and will just show up. Great, where does that leave me with how much food and things like goodie bags? Ya certainly can't have enough for everyone but just one kid. Then the next day I was filing out endless paperwork at the Preschool for the upcoming school year. Sophia's mom came to me with a paper in her hand and seemed a little worried.

"I promise I was going to call you today, we're coming to Jessica's party"

"Oh thank you, that's great."

I could see she was referring to a piece of paper in hand. I asked to look at what she was holding

Crazy Ms Wendy! I quickly explained to Sophia's mother that I had not written this. And this it was Ms Wendy. I honestly don't think she believed me. Ms Wendy had placed this paper in each of the chidlren's folders to be taken home. Needless to say...the RSVP's are coming in which is good news. The bad news is that the RSVP's are coming in. I'm certain that between the children who are RSVP'ing and those who plan to just show up...my backyard ought to look like this by about 2pm on Saturday.

Seriously, pray for us. Mama may have gone a little overboard (who me? ....never).

update; I just called Mr Nance and jokingly said that 4 more people called this morning to say they were coming to the party. His response; "Holy Shit we'll need more beer." Hmmmmm does he not know that this weekend is the party for the 3 year old and not the annual White Trash Party?