Tuesday, February 28, 2006


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Hey MePa....look at me! Mom and Dad stuffed me into this just for you!



AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Monday night was awful. Big Bear and mama were not feeling good. Emma went down easy for the night and so did I. Well at about 11pm, it all fell apart. Not sure why but she was whinning and moaning. Ok, lets try a bottle. Nope. Ok, is she too hot, too cold. Oh good...got her to sleep. For only the next 30 minutes. Now what? Looks like she has a fever...bust out the Tylenol. Rub her back and back to bed. Great, that worked for about another 30 minutes. Let's see what can we do now? Hold her on the potty. GREAT...this must be the problem as she went for us. Poor baby...you had to really go..ok back in bed. Everyone falls alseep....for another 30 minutes. NOW WHAT???? Hmmmm how about some benedryl. This will work. Ok, everyone back to sleep (this is where mama puts in ear plugs). What do I hear again?? She's still not sleeping. Ok, this time try the bottle. WOW she just sucked down 8oz....this has to be the problem, she was hungry. Ok family...everyone back to bed, nothin' to see here. She's up again...you have got to be kidding? What the heck time is it? 5am....oh my God, please don't say 5am. That's it. Time to play the trump card. "Hey Phil, bring her in bed with us" GASP!!!! I can't believe she's in bed with us. This had better work. We finally are all somewhat sleeping....with her hands in Phil's face and her feet in mine.

Then it was breakfast time, we went downstairs and had breakfast. Oh look.............another cloudy, rainy, blustery, miserable day! How awesome, we haven't had one of those since....uh let's see...yesterday! I know..it's Winter and this is supposed to happen. Which would be fine if I didn't bring shorts, short sleeved shirts and stinkin' flip flops. I have been wearing that same blasted outfits (all 2 of them) since we got here. If anyone see's a huge bonfire in our backyard...no worries, it's me..buring my clothes. So what to do today....how about a nice 3 hour nap. Then we were determined to get out of this hotel room. We got dressed and walked downstair and were just about to go outside when the bellman opened the door and an artic blast blew us. We looked at each other and were like..."we don't care....we're getting out of here". So we ran upstairs and threw another layer on Emma. We ended up going from shop to shop and looking around. Each time we went to the stores we told the attendants that it was the first shop we had visited and needed to "look around some more". Whenever you walk into any store in China they feel obligated to tell you about everything in the store. They try to place things in your hands. If Emma looks at anything on the walls, they grab whatever she's looking at and tell us that we must buy it for her...that Emma really wants it. Today she was drooling all over the place as her first tooth has finally pushed through, of course that meant they were trying to sell us bibs, to soak up all the drool. Phil and I have resorted to speaking our limited Spanish. If you try to use the excuse.." I need to go to my hotel room for more money", they'll say "You can use a credit card or pay us in American Dollar"...these people think of any and everything. The best thing we heard all day...is that all shop keepers where willing to give us a "windy day discount". So everytime we walked into a new shop we said we wanted our windy and cold day discount. We were the only morons out today...we deserved the discount. We did end up buying cute matching outfits for the girls, gifts for many people and a few pair of "squeaky" shoes. I know I sound grumpy, but this weather is getting to us. Be cold and blustery....just stop raining. We really want to do the harbor cruise...hopefully with the few remaining nights here we can. Emma is feeling better today...not sure what last night was all about. Tomorrow we plan to shop for the big ticket items. Our hotel has some of the most beautiful pieces of stone, wood and marble. We really didn't take too many photos today. We are going to upload some video. To anyone on their way...the 2 things we couldn't live without...different sized ziplock bags and granola bars. Can't tell you how many days go by with no lunch.


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aimee and Phil,

She is just beautiful! The video was great! What a happy baby! I am sorry to hear that you had a rough night. Hopefully, you will all get some much needed sleep tonight. It rained here all day yesterday and all through the night. I think I accidentaly did the rain dance instead of the sunshine dance. I am sure the clouds will have blown away before you get back. You will be home in a few days... enjoy your last few in the country of Emma's birth. PS- Rudd's cousin get referral through CCAI today.

Love to you all! - Kim

At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the shirt! She's a true fan already!


At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, another USC Fan! Good 'ol University of South Carolina, my old stomping ground. Glad to see that she is starting off on the right food, although the school colors on the shirt seem a little off... maybe it was the dim lighting in the room?


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Pam said...

I am really loving your blog....the photos and the videos...you guys are doing a great job. I feel like I'm really getting a great sense of what it's like to be there. Your filming of the areas you visit are amazing. (not to mention your darling baby!)

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Aimee Hall said...

Can I just say WOW!!!!!! C
an't tell you how much love is waiting for you all back here. The posts, pictures and videos are absolutely wonderful....Aimee - where have you found the time? You guys are blessed. Everything happens in life for a reason...although Miss Emma may have come from a tough start..she was put on this earth for you!! Reviewing this site truly has made my day today. Hurry home and have safe travels. Kiss that little princess for me and hugs to both of you guys.

Aimee Hall

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Courtney Atnip said...

Aimee and Phil,

Don't feel too bad about the rain and wind . . .it's been raining here since sometime yesterday. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow, so we'll hope it stays nice and clear for you when you come home! Enjoying following your trip!


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Ford & Alyson said...

We'll do what we can from over here to send you all some good weather.

We cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL your daughter is!

Love the posts...

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Lisa Anderson said...

Alexa & I are loving the video!! We are looking forward to your return home. Is that a club sandwich??? My staple while in china!!!! Alexa wants to watch the video of Emma again & again :) Thank you again for sharing! Lisa & Alexa

At 6:12 AM, Blogger Shelley said...

A new visitor, I have enjoyed your Blog and following your adventure now for a few weeks.

Now I'm in love. Fight on! :)



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