Wednesday, February 07, 2007

livin' the dream...

You ever have those days where you could either laugh or cry? What's happened is already done and now you can either get pissed, sad, and cry or laugh it off and just keep going. Ya, I often choose sarcasm, laughing it off, and then keep going. It's a great way for me to get through life. And so far it's working. Around here, it's called "livin' the dream."

You when the sprinklers go on and half are broke, leaving you with about 3 geysers in the front yard. Or better yet, it's about a gorgeous day out and you're looking outside at the new dog, thinking "what a great dog, she's so perfect for us." Then you peer around the side yard and holy shit. She's made it look like we're in preparation for the 3rd Annual White Trash Party(TBA). There's trash, plants and crap spewed all over the place(had she managed to pull a shopping cart into the backyard, I would have truely been impressed). You go to take a few steps to "take it all in" and fall in a blasted hole that the idiot hound dug. Oh yes, 'livin' the dream'.

Monday night while flying around the kitchen attempting to make dinner, I found myself in a warm pool of urine. Nothing puts a warm smile on my face like wading in a warm pool of piss. Hmmmm. The brainless mutt, who's favorite afternoon snack is her own shit? How about the potty training baby? Me? No....not me, I actually checked my rear just to be sure. I'll never know. But once again, 'livin' the dream'.

It could be worse. I could be my neighbor who just received all her Christmas gifts from her in-laws. Lucky gal....she just opened up 5 different items for her 3 month old son, all with "Baby's 1st Christmas" on it. I'm still laughing at that one.

Emma went to school and didn't pee once. Not even while she was taking a nap. She's only been potty training for about 3 days. I knew this just by pulling up to school and looking at her. She was still in the same outfit as she went to school in. Anyone who's potty training know this. When you pull up to school and they're still actually wearing the same pants.....that's awesome, your kid made it through the whole day with no accidents! I couldn't wait to get home and show Mr. Man. I asked him to look at Emma's outfit. Then I directed him to her pants. Then I pointed out that they matched her shirt(had she pee'd in them, they would have changed her into different pants). Then I made the statement that they were the same pants she went to school in. Still nothing........I'm not so sure he would have noticed if her pants were on fire. Whatever. So after an entire day, including a nap of not peeing herself, she promptly stood in her PJ's tonight after a bath and flooded the kitchen. Livin' the dream!

Here's to the good stuff. Jess had her ultrasound on her heart, and she's fine! We are very relieved. Emma needs to start physical therapy for her legs. I originally took her in for tip toeing. So that's not too bad either. We just had our last post adoption home visit, and the social worker was asking if we had received any bad comments about Emma. Sad but true, the worst comments came from her orthopedic Dr. This guy was a total ass hole! Yes, that is to be said separate...ass hole! I won't go on for days, although I could. Here's just two of the many comments. He walked into the room and was looking me up and down. Then he proceeded to tell me that he had heard that China was changing some of their rules for adoption. He told me that if I was to consider adopting from China again I shouldn't have a problem as my BMI (body mass index) seemed to be good. Then he spewed out more diarrhea from his mouth and when it was almost finally done he peered over his glasses and said, "I heard it's very expense to adopt from China, what was it, about $20,000 (pause) $50,000?"

Was he hoping that I would pull out my 'adoption receipt'? Total assclown. I knew that I (we) would get stupid comments, but from a 60 year old Dr. ? Doesn't he deal with the public everyday? Hasn't he seen adopted kids before? Loser.

We finally sent Emma's foster family a letter with pictures and have received back a letter. Poor woman had been waiting by the mailbox for about 10 months. I'm a slacker. Now that I know that the address I have (which I can't read, as it's in Chinese) works, I plan to use it more often. That's it in a nutshell. We're both working like mad. I just got my life, disability and annuities license. Mr. Man's cell phone is once again ringing off the hook and things are good. As you all are good people, I promise to upload the photo of the Hogette's breakdancing soon.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Meg said...

ahhhhhh- we repeat the mantra "I love my life..I love my life... I love my life"....our favortie stupid comment is "you should look into Guatemala- I hear it is more expensive, but it is probably since they are cuter"....yup, a cute tax- idiots.....hoping "the dream" gets better!

At 4:15 PM, Blogger C.J. said...

'livin' the dream' and you 'splain it so well. Your post cracked me up...except for that idiot doc.

Glad Jess checks out just fine :0)

My mantra used to be 'How bad can it get?' Uh, me got all smarty and stopped asking that one!

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Wow, what a time you are having. Yippee for Emma with the potty training. I have no idea how/when to start that one. I cannot believe that dr, I am sure you were fuming like mad.

And, I am so glad Jess is fine. Thanks for the update and I cannot wait to see the pictures!


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