Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still Alive......sorta

We're all still alive. As usual, it's nuttier than squirel turds, over here. In a glimps, the girls are doing good. They have their end of the year dance recital! My favorite parts of the year...the dance recitals. Hopefully Emma will make it out on stage. The first time Jess had her dance recital most of the 2 year old went running for the hills screaming when the curtain was drawn and there were over 200 parents watching. As you all know by now Jess is a stage hog and loves to perform. If Emma makes it out on stage she will be the littlest peanut by far. And of course you'll get video! I start a new job tomorrow. Yup, steping back into Corporate America after about 4 years. Got to say I'm real excitied. Both girls are in school and it's time I do my own thing. Mr. Man has a new job too which entails 6 days a week and lots of travelling. Things are going to get super nuts around here. Hopefully once I settle into my job things will calm down and the kids won't be living at preschool.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger Beth and Shayna said...

Great pics all around and thank for the update. I have been wondering about you all. It looks like May was very good to you, once again! Good luck on your new job.


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