Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sleep deprivation at it's best

I get tunnel vision real bad when I am sleep deprived. That would be why (at least this is my excuse) I scratched the side of my car just trying to pull out of the garage. Oh well...I was too tired to even care. After picking Jessica up from school it was another sleep deprivation moment when I couldn't quite figure out how to park the car with the random poll in the garage. If I pulled up too much I couldn't open the back door to get Emma. If I backed up too much I couldn't get out. After a good 5 or 6 tries somehow I managed to get me and my two girls safely out of the car. The best part about this debacle is that I was supposed to go and have the car insurance people look at my car for our new policy. Somewhere between closing our business checking account (as we are no longer self employed) moving 4 days before Christmas and going to China for 17 days, I forgot to pay our car insurance, therefore it was cancelled while we were in China. Now I can have them look at the car plus the nice new mega scratch. I am doing the world one small favor and remembering to brush my teeth!


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Kim M. said...

Hang in there Aimee!!!


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