Saturday, March 04, 2006

We're home!!!

Welcome Home

Hey hey hey...... we made it! The plane ride home was great for Emma..thank you Benadryl. Not so good for us. We reserved bulkhead seating that had a bassinet, sounds great....too bad our baby was too big for the bassinet. We gathered all the pillows and blankets we could find and put Emma on the floor. Our plane was almost empty and there were ton's of empty seats. We would have loved to sit in a row where the arms on the seats went up to lay down, but by the time we figured out that bassinet wasn't going to work and wanted to move rows they were all taken. It really didn't take us much time to get home. Once we pulled up our street, it was great to see the "welcome home" and "it's a girl" signs! We walked through the door (with video camera in hand of course!) and there sat Jessica having a snack. Poor child couldn't believe her eyes. She asked "daddy", "mommy"..almost like we weren't really there. Jessica looked like she had aged 10 years. She and Emma met and it went well. Emma is in LOVE with Jessica. She kept reaching and grabbing for her. Later we put Emma in the saucer and Jessica would run circles around her screaming. Emma thinks it's just great. Jessica seems to like Emma too. It's funny because when Emma cries Jessica covers her ears and then she starts to cry. When Jessica is running around squealing it makes Emma start to cry and it all starts over again. After grandma and grandpa left, we shut the door and looked at each other. Now what? Holy crap we have two kids. And it's not like Emma was born yesterday and is going to sit and sleep for the first 4 months. We struggled to stay up till 7pm. Phil was litteraly falling asleep in mid sentence and ended up standing in the shower as cold as he could stand it. I was picking up the house and wouldn't allow myself to sit. By 7pm it was lights out for everyone. Jessica woke up once...she must of had a bad dream that we were leaving again. Emma woke up from 10:30pm till midnight and then slept till 7am. We slept okay. Today we took a trip to the park to keep awake and appease Jessica. All seems to be going well...we're trying to stay up till 10pm. Keep checking the blog...we plan to update it ....this journey is just starting, only without squat potties, hard beds and greasy noodles!
Emma's first bath at home. She screamed bloody murder and Jessica assumed the position....covered her ears!

Nance girls...haning out!

First stroller ride for 2


At 5:30 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Welcome Home!

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Jay, Claudia, Alex, Jon and the girl(s) said...

Welcome home, we loved reading your journey. I'm very happy for you and your new family member. We should be heading out in a few weeks.

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Bee's Blog said...

Thank you for letting me follow your journey. It was great to see your email on the May/June board. I am glad to say I am next and then you will follow my travels. But, I am sure you are going to be very busy. Thank you again and welcome home.


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