Friday, June 09, 2006

They're paying attention.....and Mama's not impressed

Everyday we pick up Jess from school there's a progress report. It tell's us how she was during the day...did she eat her lunch, take a nap, participate..blah blah blah. And everday is the same..she ate all her lunch (big surpirse there!) she took a nap and was a happy little girl all day. Because everyday the report says the exact same thing, we began to wonder....are they paying attention?
Well.....I walked into school yesterday to be greeted by Ms Rhonda cutting her eyes at me.

What's wrong?
Well Jessica, (big pause and a sigh) was awful today
What do you mean? What happened?
Well, let's put it this way..she was in time out twice before I even got here.
I am sorry Ms Rhonda. She really didn't seem like she was in a bad mood this morning. I'm sure Jess will try to be better tomorrow.
The first thing Jessica did this morning was push Grason down on the floor. Let's hope tomorrow she'll do better.

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We all agreed that Jessica should try harder tomorrow and today was an off day for her. Jessica is never this bad at school. As I loaded her and Emma in the car I explained that she can't hit and push her friends and that she probably made them sad. As I drove from school to Target to buy her some new shoes for the playground I was wondering what might have set her off. Was it that she woke up this morning before 6am because her diaper exploded like a New Orleans levee? At 6am I was racing around swaping out soaked sheets for dry ones and trying to coax her back into bed as it was entirely too early to start the day. I guess if I found myself waking up as I was floating out of my bed, I'd be cranky too.
Once at Target Jess picked out her very own cute pink and green shoes and seemed pretty excitied. Somewhere between the bedding isle and the gift isle it happened. There she was on the floor kicking, arms flailing around emitting screams that I'm sure Nasa was able to pick up on some sort of radar. And that was it, I was that woman. You know, the woman who can't find the exit route quick enough to escape while ushering her obnoxious toddler. That same woman you have glared at and thought, "What the hell is wrong with her and that brat." For about 5 seconds I tried to ask that she remove herself from the floor and kindly get in the cart. Feeling the beads of sweet about to break loose, she was thrown into the cart. This is where I showed her those 'oh so cute' shoes and then stuffed them on the closest shelf I could find. Slapping a huge smile on my face I pushed us out of the store. It was then in the parking lot where my beautiful child attempted to bite me. Emma suffered a smack to the head and I only suffered a small fist into my thigh.

What was I thinking? I had already been kid was awful. After an hour to cool off in her room, daddy came home to let her out and have dinner. Through the entire dinner she explained to her dad what had happened and why she didn't get the shoes. It wasn't too much longer after dinner she actually asked to go to sleep. She's still at preschool and Mama's hoping like heck she's been a good kid. I'm considering going to Target and getting the shoes to use as a reward for good behavior. One of the funny things about yesterday was Emma's face. Poor kid was going deaf with Jessica screaming behind her. Poor Emma never said one peep the whole way home. Oh ya the life of a mom with a 1 and 2 year old....what was I thinking?


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Evan will act like that if he is getting sick. I swear recently one day he was so mean to me. Later that evening he broke out in a fever. I hope Jessica had a better day today.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

I think every kid has days like that. I work with five year olds and even the most quiet, normally "good" kids will have a day that has me thinking "Huh? Where did that come from?" Hopefully it's just a phase.

P.S. I never glare at those parents whose children are acting that way in Target. I just smile sympathetically and try to give them some space.


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