Thursday, July 13, 2006

Muy Caliente

IT IS SO HOT !!!! What is gong on? Why is it soooo stinkin' hot?
yes, I know it's summer but give me a break, it shouldn't be this bad.
And if you live in Phoenix, aren't you all considering calling it something different? Maybe like Hell or Mars....I'm not even sure the face of Mars gets up to 116.
The worst part of the heat is the fires! Out here in California it's fire season. I hate fires. Fires scare me. I can handle earth quakes. Earthquakes are quick and unpredictable. I prefer the "hit me" method. I really don't want time to evacuate or time to panic or even worse, standing in your house while trying to remain calm deciding what out of your entire house is worth "saving." I've actually been in some crazy earthquakes. The worst was the during the summer at our beach house. What made it so bad was the house was on top of sand not hard ground. I remember standing in the door way of my room (as you're supposed to do) and staring at my parents across the hall as they stood in their doorway. Between us a was a wall of glass and the house was literally swaying from side to side. One of my first earthquakes that I remember was when I was about 5 or so. I stood there and watched the cookie jar ( a big one too) take about 5 or 6 "jumps" straight off the counter and then hit the floor. I also remember Phil's first earthquake experience. That man shot out of bed and ran straight for Jessica's crib, grabbed her and stood under the doorway. what the hell was that?????
While he was ready to pee his pants, I was laughing. "Welcome to California, honey" I also commented on how quick he had moved, I had never seen Phil move that quick...ever. Yup, I like to be blindsided. Don't care for hurricanes, fires or tornados. Just get it over with. The best part about earthquakes, as long as everyone is fine and dandy is you can blast
Carole King's, I feel the Earth Move, through out the rest of the day.
if the girls aren't good, I'll threaten them with moving to Death Valley, even worse...a boarding school in Death Valley...that way I don't have to live there too. Geez no wonder it's called Death Valley who can live where it's 124 degrees?


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being so hot here. We live in Huntington Beach and the temperature read 81 degree at 1 p.m. We don't get that kind of weather unless we are going through a heatwave in August. Hopefully you the munchkins in the pool to cool off and I hope we have a break soon from this heat!!!

Sherrie in Surf City USA


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