Monday, June 19, 2006

Princess and the Poker Chips

This is Jessica

This is a 'Styling Pony'

This Pony come complete with 4 barettes, 3 hair clips, 6 bead clips, styling comb and 2 sticker sheets. I totally know what you're thinking...."I need to get me one of those!" Mommy and Daddy are especially excitied about this Pony as she comes with hair styling pieces...which means we no longer have to take turns be subject to Jessica's "making us pretty" A.K.A. pulling our hair and stuffing random barettes and hair ties in our heads.

Here is what stands between Jessica and her new Pony

This is the 'Pony Jar' and coins. Upon good behavior Jessica will receive coins to place in the 'Pony Jar' once the 'Pony Jar' is full of coins...wa la, she receives the fancy Pony. We know she can do this. Question is, when? By 4th of July? By the end of summer? Will she be packing up her things for college, laughing at us and our 'Pony Jar' ? Time will tell.

There's only one problem.

These things would be the problem. While on a shopping trip to the dollar store to buy stickers and a 'Pony Jar' we saw critters. Jessica LOVES bugs. Our problem now, she loves these bugs so much it's taking some of the spotlight off the Pony. Not to worry day #1 and she already has 6 coins on the jar.

father's day was great. Daddy got the usual stuff, boxers and golf things

Pop was in town and he too had a great time

oh ya, just another crappy day in So Cal. It was sunny and about 85 all weekend, what else are you supposed to do but enjoy the pool?

Grandpa and the princesses!


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Joannah said...

That's a great idea! My sister has done something similar with her older daughters using nickels in a container for good behavior. As a teacher, I use lots of incentives as well.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Yeah!! I'll be interested to see how it goes-- my daughter got her skooter today. i will admit that the jar loses its effectiveness over time- (it took her 10 days)the past couple of days were hard. BUT- it did get her nighttime potty trained- so all is not lost!


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