Monday, October 02, 2006

A week sure can make a difference

I am happy to report that the Hogettes are back to "normal". We figured out that if Jessica so much as gets bored for a nanosecond, it's going to hit the fan. Hence why I have enrolled her in "My Gym" classes. Last weekend was great, we attended a wedding overnight without the girls! It was great as this was one of our last friends from college that was getting married. Good gawd are we slowing down. Certainly not as wild and crazy as the first wedding of the bunch..ours.

Thursday we are headed to Disneyland. Remember the Pony jar? It's back and better than ever. This time Jessica is attempting to be good for a trip to Disneyland. For one full hour straight a few weeks ago, we sat down and told Jessica about everyone (Mickey, all the Princesses, Pooh, blah blah blah.....we even made some stuff up) that lives at Disneyland, we also told her all about the rides, the food, you name it, we hyped it up. Needless to say, she's ready.

This video, made me laugh. First off, how cute are they? Second, one way we know that the girls are back to normal for the time being, is that Jessica tries to make Emma laugh the entire time we're heading home from school, just like the video. And third, Emma has this same silly laugh.


At 7:08 AM, Blogger Connie said...

SOunds good to be settling into, uh, 'normalcy' again :0)

I loved that video - cracks me up everytime I see it. I wander around the house giving raspberries to the cats. They just run under the couch...weenies!


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